tricks of the trade – calling all bloggers

as of right now, i really have nothing new to report on the quest for creating a family, therefore, i figured i might get some thoughts out about my blog and how it’s set up.  i typically do this when processing all the emotional stuff…busy myself with tangible tasks, whether at work or at home, because it’s easier to handle issues that are black and white.  so, here are my questions:

it seems like everyone else’s blogs are more customized than mine.  when i set up my blog i just went online and found free blog service sites…and picked  there are only certain themes you can choose and there isn’t much customization allowed.  i’d have to buy additional customization tools.  have you all done this?  or was your service more customizable?  seems like a lot of you have  (see my additional punctuation there…i’ve picked up that in doing that you don’t get people who just search that word, right?…that’s the reason it’s done, right?…not bad for a novice, eh?)

i set up links to others blogs that i follow, but they don’t show up like on other’s blogs.  on mine, you cannot see if there was an update on that blog.  is there some way to set that up? 

when i post comments on your blogs, i have to login to first for it to accept my profile name.  is this typical?  do you have to login to leave a post on my blog? 

i know i may sound like a total greenhorn, and maybe some of you have had a chuckle (hope so) with my questions, but i figured you guys may offer some advice.

also, i typically don’t like to use capital letters (if you haven’t already figured that out).  it’s not that i don’t know they are required to be gramatically correct, but for some reason, i’m just not into the capital letter.  if i was writing a report for work, writing a formal letter, or sending a resume in for a job app, you can bet you’d see them…but for my normal everyday emails, posts, etc, i see no reason to spend the extra energy to capitalize.  hopefully you guys don’t find that offensive.   i know of a few people who write like this…we must have a common gene. 

other than this, i’ve just been busy at work and at home.  i am trying to give myself a week or two of “free” time to feel what i want, express what i want, do what i want.  i’ve enjoyed coffee (gosh did i miss that), chocolate, a little wine here and there.  i just started working out again last night and it felt good.  i always feel better, mentally and physically, after exercising.  so, i figure i’d give myself a little time to crawl back out of the doldrums and move forward with a clearer head and heart. 

thanks for your replies to my posts, i really look forward to them.

edited to add today’s snow picture…daisymae and snowman


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Cassie
    Jan 12, 2011 @ 10:48:23

    I don’t use Wor.dPress, so can’t really help with most of these questions. I do know that it took me a while to find more customizable options on bl.ogspot, for the design of my blog. I had to poke around for a while. But I do think they have more design options.
    Also, I have noticed that other people on WP don’t seem to have the blog list where it shows updates on the blogs they read, so that may not be an option here.
    It is normal to have to be logged in to your blogging software in order to comment on other people’s blogs. Because blo.gspot seems to be associated with, I’m always logged in anyway, so my profile always shows up. Interestingly, I do have 2 accounts, one for my real email, and one for my blog email. But I didn’t set up my blog email until a while after I set up my blog, so the account associated with my blog is my real email. I was able to change my blog user name to Cassie, rather than my real first name, so that is the profile that shows up whenever I comment on any blogs.

    So I think that if you have a account (although I don’t think you use g.mail, do you?), you could also be logged in under that account to post comments. You get a choice of accounts to log in under.

    Phew, hope some of that was helpful!


  2. Flygirl555
    Jan 14, 2011 @ 20:49:56

    I’m not an expert blogger either. was just the tool I used to write my first blog, so I stuck with it.

    Remember, on your blog, it’s all about you – so no need to explain why you don’t use capital letters – or anything else for that matter.

    As you saw on my blog, I wrote a pretty heated post the other day about a foster care parent that might have hurt some people’s feelings. The way I see it though, it was my blog and I wanted my thoughts on the subject to be known.

    By the way, how are you holding up now that some time has passed? I’ve been thinking about you.


  3. hoping4family
    Jan 16, 2011 @ 21:15:45

    thanks, cassie. that definately helps. no, i don’t have gmail….

    flygirl – i’m hanging in there….still as i posted, just being indifferent and trying to enjoy things here and there. i’m starting to come out of the funk.


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