This is really an update to my post on Tuesday.  I went in today to get another US and to see where we were.   Results were:

7.3 mm and trilaminar lining, E2=380, LH=11, P4 <0.2. 

The nurse told me that things looked good and that my RE suggested I continue.  She said these results would indicate that I have not yet ovulated, otherwise my P4 would have been >1. 

The weird thing though is that my LH actually went down.  It was 19 on Tue and now it’s 11.  Since it should have risen, I was skeptical.  The nurse said maybe I got a pre-surge or something like that.   Also, the US tech this morning said it looked like the follicles (yes, I have more than one for some reason) looked like I may have ovulated (I guess they change on the US).  She could have been feeding off of what I was saying beforehand.   So, these two pieces of information have me wondering.   

So, thinking all this through with the nurse, I decided that I wanted to check my hormone levels tomorrow morning and base the decision to cancel or move forward on that.  Either I will have ovulated and in that case we are done, or we may decide to move forward.  

I guess the one good thing is I am liking the idea that a cycle without Lupron could work. 

But now, as I type, I remembered a link I had…. take a look, it looks like LH actually does go down just before ovulation, but then P4 should have gone up….Who knows!!!  I may be ovulating as I am typing…I better get off this computer and go find DH….ha-ha!

Lastly, I decided to post with appropriate grammar.  As many of you know, I usually post without capitalizing anything.  I do this in most informal correspondence.  I decided that if i type long posts it’s somewhat hard to follow.  So, for now on, my blogs will be grammatically correct.  I bet I just made all the teachers that follow happy!  🙂 

Lastly again, I just want to say thanks for your thoughtful comments on my last post!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. LisainSK
    Mar 10, 2011 @ 21:49:55

    Just hoping for the best…good luck in your decision!


  2. soulshine
    Mar 11, 2011 @ 07:38:11

    hmmm… interesting!

    it sounds as if you are in a good place either way- could move forward with fet, or could try again with the no-lupron good results.

    i hope your test today gives a clearer picture as to ovulation… how do they time a natural fet?

    thanks for the update! good for you for using caps, too!


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