Freaking Out

As you all know, I’m in the 2WW.  So you know how freaky and crazy that is.  I’m not normally a POASer, but I began to see and understand the opinion that you can “ease” yourself into the result.  I think I got this from the old timers on the I.VFC board (hi guys…you know who you are).  I have converted.   I POASed yesterday morning , the equivalent of 6dp6dt, and saw a very very VERY faint line using a F.RER (6 day early stick).  I then decided to buy a Equ.ate Ea.rly Res.ponse (4 day early stick) at lunchtime and peed when I got home form work.  That was definately a diluted urine because I drink a lot of water now (with the constipation and all) and I saw a line, but again, very very VERY faint.   I saved them, but they got darker since the 10 min limit and therefore, I didn’t take a picture of them.

So, I decided that I would pee this morning, 7dp6dt, and here are the results (from within 3-5 mins):

I know, there is a line, but it’s very very light again (if you double click on the picture you can see a closeup).  The ones from yesterday were lighter than this morning’s tests, but I was hoping for a much darker result this morning. 

Plus, late last night, when I put my En.dom.etrin in, I noticed some pink.  Then this morning, I’ve had some spotting.  Sorry, TMI, but when I peed, there was a murky reddish/pinkish/tanish liquid (a blend of the End.ome.trin and other junk) that came out.  I also have some cramps.  I’ve had spotting mean a good thing and also mean a bad thing.  So, I’ll be monitoring all of this.  

All I can say is that I think it can go either way.  I am very, very nervous.   I was thinking yesterday that I was going to tell DH today, hopefully with the stick (just putting it on the sink while getting ready this morning) but because it wasn’t that impressive I am holding back.   What do you guys think?

Beta is Thursday, gulp.


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  1. Fahti
    Mar 29, 2011 @ 06:51:54

    You are pregnant my dear with a baby now in the oven 🙂 A line is a line is a line, I clearly see it.


  2. LisainSK
    Mar 29, 2011 @ 11:05:39

    I totally know how you feel right now. Just hang in there…so far you ARE pregnant and the spotting at this stage…could mean anything. Take it minute by minute if you have to. As for how to tell DH…totally up to you. I think he’d want to know that you are feeling discouraged but I wear my emotions on my sleeve and my DH can tell the second something is wrong. Take care…thinking of you.


  3. fateofthechocolatechipcookies
    Mar 29, 2011 @ 12:10:23

    Looks pregnant to me! But yeah, it can be nerve-racking. I was told not to pee on a stick because of the Hcg still in your system. I wish for the best that your beta results would be awesome this Thursday!!!! baby dust to you.


  4. S
    Mar 29, 2011 @ 12:57:15

    I see a line, and I don’t have “POAS goggles” (where I see lines that aren’t there). Any line on the HPT shows there is hCG in your system, and assuming it’s not from your trigger shot, I say pregnant, too. Many woman spot and cramp in early pregnancy, so I don’t necessarily think that is anything to worry about.

    Good luck for Thursday’s beta.


  5. Flygirl555
    Mar 29, 2011 @ 13:24:32

    Hoping…I see it! I see it! Definitely a line!!!

    Welcome to the club!!!! WAHOOOOO!!! We get to be pregnant together!!! Beyond excited for you!

    Will be lurking for tomorrow’s update.

    When you’re on Endometrin, you may spot. So, if you see a little pink, brown, or even red don’t panic. Sometimes wetting the suppository before inserting helps.


  6. R
    Mar 29, 2011 @ 14:29:46

    there is definitely a line! With this pg, the lines got lighter as the days went on and I FREAKED out each time, so I stopped testing. A line is a line and as long as it is there no matter how dark it is.

    I also had spotting with Endometrin, the CCRM nurse told me not to use the applicator and put a little water on my finger to rub around the edge to take the sharpness away.

    Thursday is tomorrow’s tomorrow. I am excited for you.


  7. hoping4family
    Mar 29, 2011 @ 20:41:31

    Thanks for all of your comments!
    Update – the spotting stopped by mid morning and turned a dull blackish color at the end. For those who asked, I did not have an HCG shot because this was an FET.


  8. MangyMutt
    Mar 29, 2011 @ 23:34:29

    Congrats on the two lines!!! They are called “evil peesticks” for a reason. They are evil! And I also experienced fainter lines on subsequent tests… Holding my breath for you for a great strong number to give you the confidence to scream it from the mountain tops!


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