Something is Taking The Babies

Any idea what this thing is? 

After my last post, I’m sad to report that as of today, there is only one egg left.  I think this thing (I think it’s a crow) stole the other 3 eggs.  That f-in bastard!  I was away in NYC this weekend (more on that another time) and DH set up the hunting camera we borrowed from a friend that has a motion sensor.  It recorded videos and stills.   Mama hasn’t been there much today.  She cleaned out an egg shell.  We have evidence of that, too…

I have a crystal clear video of her flying off with an egg shell, but I can’t get the videos to attach here.  I’ll try to figure it out and update. 

We’re upset…we feel so bad for mama bird.   I just hope that one in there is safe.   I hope she doesn’t give up on it.  Several people have said she’d keep coming back year after year if she likes this spot, but now we know she won’t, she’ll think it’s a death trap. 

I guess this is just the circle of life.


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  1. soulshine
    May 16, 2011 @ 16:26:13


    we had a robin’s nest a couple years ago that i could see right below my bedroom window. so interesting and exciting to see this take place- the robin sitting on her nest patiently waiting for the eggs to hatch. i did some online reading, and man oh man, it is hard to become a robin! some of the eggs never hatch, so much can go wrong along those lines. sometimes the robin will abandon the nest on a whim, and other times will sit to no avail. some get eaten or thrown out of the nest, and then if they are fortunate enough to hatch, they have such a hard time ahead of them- they leave the nest before they really know how to fly, so they have to spend a few precarious days on the ground where they are very unprotected. many are lost in this time period. then of course they have to learn to fly and eat and thrive. not many of the eggs turn into birds. oh, how i could relate to that as an IF person!

    life is so fragile in some ways, and so fecund in others. when i see an adult robin, i am impressed with their good fortune.

    those pictures are amazing! i hope you do not take this as any kind of sign about your own journey… my little nest of robin eggs hatched but the babies disappeared one day. 😦 the robin abandoned the nest. this was in the thick of my IF, and it was hard to not think this was some kind of sign, but in my opinion, there is no magic in nature… take what good signs you see as a way to lift your spirit, and leave the bad signs in the dust!

    i am keeping you in my thoughts, and i hope with ech day that passes that your emotional stores are filling up again with a renewed strength to find your way to your goal.


  2. Pearl
    May 16, 2011 @ 22:03:57

    Oh my, my heart goes out to the poor mother, I know it’s just a bird… I guess infertility changes your perspective of everything. I do hope that last egg survives and that the chick thrives.


  3. fateofthechocolatechipcookies
    May 18, 2011 @ 12:05:30

    That’s definitely a crow in the picture, stupid crow, get away! I see tons of those outside my house and no birds like to come near our trees 😦 I also hope that the last egg survives!! Hard to be an animal sometimes, I thought we humans have enough worries.


  4. Cassie
    May 20, 2011 @ 12:54:54

    Wow, that is all so crazy! Those are gorgeous photos from the previous post and I’m so sorry about that nasty crow. I hope the last baby survives!


  5. Flygirl555
    May 22, 2011 @ 19:35:21

    Amazing pictures! Thanks for the update. Hope the last egg hatches, survives long enough to leave the nest and that she changes her mind about it being a safe place.


  6. Lost in Space
    May 24, 2011 @ 21:51:24

    Awww, poor mama bird! I hope there is at least one still there.


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