Halloween Reflection

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.  I used to love it because it’s a chance to get creative by making a costume.   I have so many fond memories as a child going to a neighbor’s house for hot apple cider and donuts as a mid-point on our journey trick-or-treating from house to house.   I also carried the tradition of dressing up even further into my adult life at Halloween parties or just at my/our house as we greeted the little ones.  I used to dress up my grandma, too…she’d really scare the kids…did you ever see an old lady dressed up for Halloween, it’s somewhat freaky on its own, regardless of what they are (grandma loved it, though).  I have always dressed Ms. Mae up as well.  See below from last year…doesn’t she look thrilled. 

And then there’s this one from a long time ago…my favorite, but not a home-made jobbie…

Another thing I love about Halloween is that it gives you a chance to be something you are not.  In recent years, I’ve been a groupie, a sorceress, a dalmatian, a witch, Nanc.y Kerrig.an (because I’ve been told I look like her), a geek, etc.  Most of these were couples costumes.  My DH is also into it…one year he bought a fly mask and then crafted wings that were amazing.  In the last few years, I have put less and less into it.  Here’s me in a basic witch costume from last year (don’t get scared…).

The sad part is that I have nothing prepared for this year.  We didn’t go to my friend’s party last night because we had tickets to a show.  There were 25+ kids there and 15+ parents.  For many reasons, this year I was happy to have an excuse.  I didn’t see myself getting all decked out, being that cheery person I always seem to muster up to be at events like this.  I don’t have anything for Miss Mae either this year.  DH or I take her to see our former neighbor in her costume.  This lady always got a kick out of my costumes for Daisy, so I figured we’d bring her back each year (it’s been about 3 now) for some treats.  The lady loves it.  So, tonight I found myself taking a white tee-shirt that I ripped in half down the middle for a rag and shoving it over her head through the arm saying, “now what can we do with this”.  It looks like a little white cape on her.  I was thinking of making her an old lady with a scarf on her head and glasses, but I feel bad making her wear anything that annoys her, being that she’s an old girl.  Then I thought I’d make her head into a Daisy and tie a green scarf around her neck as a stem.  Then I said, what the f am I doing this for.  I’ve slowly but surely let IF and childlessness rip me apart, change me to something I’m not, make me something for Halloween.  So, I guess I am dressing up tomorrow.  I am the person that I wasn’t.   I’m going to be a non-participator, non-fun making, non-creative person for Halloween.  And, maybe Daisy will go to visit that lady with a lame-o tee-shirt on her and nothing else.  I guess if I have to labor through another holiday without a reason to be happy, at least I can make that lady happy with a visit from the best doggie in the world!

ETA…something popped into my head when I woke up this morning….Daisy in Protest (it’s somewhat of a local joke).  DH laughed and so didn’t that neighbor of mine….and Daisy hasn’t missed a year of dressing up. 





2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Flygirl555
    Nov 02, 2011 @ 01:34:51

    Oh Ms. Daisy Mae – no matter how you dress for Halloween, we love you! (and your Mom too)

    Good to see you back! I was thinking about you the other day, but my energy is at rock-bottom, so not emailing as much as I’d like.


  2. Pearl
    Nov 02, 2011 @ 23:26:22

    Holidays are always difficult. Don’t let the sadness rob you of the things you usually enjoy.


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