Music and Growth


We had a good scan yesterday.  I’m measuring 7w1d and the baby had a heartbeat of 141 bpm.  So, good growth and on track.  My doctor wasn’t there, but his affiliate did the scan.  She was very nice.  I could tell she was a bit nervous for me, too.  I asked her a few questions.  She said the implantation site is in the right location and that my uterus looks of ample size with good muscle mass for a unicornuate.   She counted the heartbeat differently than my former RE who did the first scan; she measured from crest to crest and then calculated.  Based on last week’s reading, I would have expected it to be 126ish, but she came up with 141.  It seemed like a more exact way to measure, too.  Apparently, she is their resident expert when it comes to US. 

I was so nervous going in there.  The appt was at 11:40, so I had to go to work first, then leave early, drive 20 miles, then sit in the doctor’s office and wait for what seemed like and eternity.  I kept telling myself the mantra, “what will be will be”….and tried to calm myself down.   But, my body didn’t want to hear anything of it.  I guess this is the way it is. 


Last night we went to see To.ri Am.os in Bos.ton.  It was exhausting to do that on a work night, but we took today off.  She was great!  I always liked her and always wanted to see one of her shows.   To me, she’s one of those people who you can see once and that’s it….like Va.n Morris.on.  They also don’t seem to come around that much.  DH didn’t really like it much but he went for me.  We had a few funny moments in the beginning.  We had crappy seats, way up in the back of the multi-level theatre.  We sat down and there was this couple right in front of us who had freakishly weird wigs on (guy and girl).  The guy kept taking his off and putting it back on (he also wore a suit and bow tie).  The lady had one that was worse than a bee hive.  It was long but half of it stuck up in a hive.  At first, I didn’t know what to make of her, and neither did the lady next to me.   Also, there was a guy nearby who stunk like BO.  So, we moved two seats over and were going to be content there.  Then some people came who had those seats, so we needed to move back.  I sat down and the big hair lady asked me if she wanted me to take off her wig so I could see.  Bizarre.  Well, yeah, lady.  Just then I had noticed this huge pile of dried up gum on DH’s seat, just prior to him sitting down.  So, rather than just letting him sit in it and sucking it up like anyone else there would have, I waved the attendant over and asked her if she had a towel or something she could put down.  She didn’t but was going to check with her supervisor.  Within 2 minutes we were being waved down to new seats located 50% closer to the stage!  Score!   The people next to us were a bit jealous.  I’m sure you could find all kinds of nasty funk on any of the seats in there.  Then, when we got down there, there were 2 guy 2 rows in front of us with huge BO.  The floor was sticky.  The place was stinky.  But, Tor.i played and sang her guts out!

Then on the way home, we stopped at DH’s work, because we left a car there.  He was half way there already, so rather than him coming home and going together, I drove to his work and we went together.  So, on the way home, just after I got in my car, I heard one of my favorite old-time songs from Triu.mph, Fight the Go.od Fight.   All I could think of was one little thing!

The days grow shorter and the nights are getting long
Feels like we’re running out of time
Every day it seems much harder tellin’ right from wrong
You got to read between the lines

Don’t get discouraged, don’t be afraid, we can
Make it through another day
Make it worth the price we pay

The Good Book says it’s better to give than to receive
I do my best to do my part
Nothin’ in my pockets I got nothin’ up my sleeve
I keep my magic in my heart

Keep up your spirit, keep up your faith, baby
I am counting on you
You know what you’ve got to do

Fight the good fight every moment
Every minute every day
Fight the good fight every moment
It’s your only way

All your life you’ve been waiting for your chance
Where you’ll fit into the plan
But you’re the master of your own destiny
So give and take the best that you can

You think that a little more money can buy your soul some rest
You better think something else instead
You’re so afraid of being honest with yourself
You’d better take a look inside your head

Nothing is easy, nothing good is free
But I can tell you where to start
Take a look inside your heart
There’s an answer in your heart

Fight the good fight every moment
Every minute every day
Fight the good fight every moment
Make it worth the price we pay

Every moment of your lifetime
Every minute every day
Fight the good fight every moment
Make it worth the price we pay


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. R
    Dec 07, 2011 @ 08:38:20

    Yes! Thrilled you had a good scan and a fun night out – the BO.


  2. PBJmom
    Dec 07, 2011 @ 10:04:29

    Oh, I am so happy to read your continuing good news!


  3. soulshine
    Dec 07, 2011 @ 10:53:03

    thank you for posting, i felt like a stalker checking your blog all day yesterday 😉

    what great news! good growth is wonderful, and such a nice h/b… things are looking good so far!

    i am so happy for you, i have goosebumps. lol at the triumph pic!

    thinking of you! you made my day!


  4. Kelley
    Dec 07, 2011 @ 12:34:45

    I am so glad things went well!


  5. MyTwoLines
    Dec 08, 2011 @ 07:39:12

    I’m soooooo happy for you! Go little baby go!


  6. Cassie
    Dec 08, 2011 @ 18:51:23

    I am beaming for you. I am really so, so, so hopeful!


  7. Pearl
    Dec 11, 2011 @ 13:06:07

    A heartbeat is great news, no matter how it is measured. I am glad all is going well.


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