Stitched Up

Hello again everyone.  Thanks for checking in on me and supporting me.  I know I say this often, but I truly appreciate your thoughts and comments.  

I got stitched yesterday.   Didn’t like the spinal….not one bit.  It took 2.5 hrs to wear off …my lower body felt like it didn’t belong to me.  My legs felt like they were full of cement.  They also felt like they were still elevated as they were during the procedure, but they were actually out straight.  But, it was the best for the little one. 

The procedure was weird.  The spinal itself wasn’t bad, but the fact that I heard everything and was awake with half my body unknown to me was horrible.  I had a good anesthesiologist who kept talking with me throughout.  She actually saved me because the other one tried to get my IV in twice before this other lady took over and got it in one shot.  They didn’t use those nice warm towels to prep the veins like they do at CC.RM.  They said they did one stitch.  It was a McDon.ald type.  They measured the FHR before and after the procedure (it was 156 before and 148 after – I don’t think the one after was accurate, though).  There were 4 doctors in there…maybe one was a resident.  To seemed young, one seemed seasoned.  I wonder if I was an experiment.  I hope not. 

I was supposed to have a different doctor, who was highly recommended by my MFM, but the scheduling was rushed and he probably wasn’t available, ultimately.   DH and I decided on Tue that it was the way to go.  I told the MFM and he said that someone would call on Wed…they never did.  So I tried a few times, no return calls.  I finally get a hold of someone on Thur morning while at work at 9am and she said, ” your surgery is scheduled for today at 4:15; I tried to get you in for Friday morning but because this was somewhat last-minute, we had to go with  today; I didn’t call yet because I was trying to get it for Friday, sorry.   You should plan to arrive by 2pm.”  So, I had to get my arse out of work by noon, go home and shave my legs (only do that every 2-3 days in winter) and then get psyched up for this.  I had to stop eating and drinking by 9:30am.  So, as you can tell, it was a whirlwind. 

We got home at 9:30pm.   I was famished and crampy and wobbly, but it was great to get home.  I feel a bit more human today, still have some cramps/ light pain, but I stayed home to rest.  I will have a follow-up with the MFM group next week, then will see my OB the week after.

I love my OB.  I am going to continue seeing the MFM group, but I have a lot of confidence in her.  She has an excellent reputation, has a really nice way about her, is concise and to the point, and is very knowledgeable.  I saw her  last week and she was the only one….aside from Dr. Sch (yes, I emailed Tonie and she asked Dr. Sch his opinion and she replied that he thought the cerclage was a good idea)… that provided an opinion on whether or not to get one.  She thought it was advisable to get one, considering my cervical length measured at 2.4 at the NT scan.  It had been 3.9 just before Christma.s.  The doctors do say that it’s tough to get an accurate cervical length in the first tri because they can’t always see the borders clearly, but 2.4 was my last reading to go by and that was what clinched it for us.

Another thing about my OB…I had told my former RE, who did my early scans, that I wanted to go to her due to several recommendations.  He sent her a letter describing my situation.  Because they are a group, and because she is in high demand,  I wasn’t able to get an appointment with her until last week.  When she came in she shook my hand and said that she was so happy to finally meet me.  She mentioned the letter from my RE.   She said she’s seen my former RE a few times recently and that he always brings me up.  I said that I think he’s happy for me.  She said, “trust me, I know him well, he’s extremely happy for you!  We’re going to keep a good eye on you”.    It’s just so comforting. 

So, we’ll see….we all know how the medical profession can be, but I like to think and hope that they really do care. 

Other things.   We’ve been thinking about a kitchen remodel for a while and, prior to all this, I was thinking of getting started about now.  I’m thinking that we should still keep this plan and see how things play out.  If I end up on bed rest, etc., we’ll have to work through it.  Just as always.  But, I always put things off.  I have to think that there may never be a perfect time for this.  I know this seems crazy, but I’m thinking of pouring a good hunk of money into the range or into a cooktop and double wall ovens.  Gas burners, electric stove with either option.  Just need to look at what really fits best.  I’m looking at these….I know, very pricey, but we’ll sacrifice in other ways like maybe just refacing existing cabinets.

Wolf 48″ Duel Fuel Range

Wolf 48" Dual Fuel Range: Wolf Dual Fuel Ranges


Wolf Cooktop and Thermador Wall Ovens

Wolf 48" Gas Rangetop: Wolf Rangetops 30 inch Masterpiece© Series Double Oven MED302ES


NT Scan

We had the NT scan today.  Everything looked good…and we saw a lot!  I’m 12w3d today and the the fetus measured 12w4d and heartbeat was 160 bpm.   The sonographer (at MFM office) really listened to the heartbeat and said it sounded beautiful.  The cord even had a beat to it…the baby was holding on to it.  We saw the eyes, nose, mouth, brain, spine (fused correctly), 4 fingers and 1 thumb on each hand, folded legs like she said they usually are, the ribs, stomach (started fuller then emptied) and bladder (filling as stomach emptied), liver, rump, etc.  She said all looked good.  The NT measurement was 1.5mm.  She said that was good.   It took a long time because the baby wasn’t in the right position.  We were in there 1.5 hrs, but it seemed less because it was wonderful to see everything.   

They also checked my cervix and it measured 2.4cm today.  The MFM doctor came in and we talked a bit more about the preventative cerclage vs waiting and monitoring my cervix.  My cervix measured longer at the OB at 3.5 cm.  The MFM doctor said that 1st trimester cervical measurements can be misleading because you can’t see the end points clearly.  He said in a few weeks that it would get clearer.  But, we don’t have two weeks to decide.  Basically, over this weekend, we need to make up our minds because the cerclage would have to go in next week, if that is what we choose.  I’ve been talking to mangymutt (a fellow UUer from IVF.C) and she has helped a lot!   So, we’ve got some more thinking to do this weekend. 

I got the first blood draw for the integrated test on Mon and don’t know the results from that yet.  I am told we really need to wait until the 2nd blood draw in 4 weeks to know my overall risk based on the NT and bloods.   I’m sure my risk will be high due to my age.  I’m nervous for this, but what will be will be. 

Sometime soon, I’m going to have to contemplate maternity clothes as things aren’t looking so good on me now…only 3 of my work pants fit and one pair of ugly knock-around jeans that have some stretch to them.  I got the belly band and tried it with a good pair of jeans last Sat night for dinner with DH and it just felt weird to leave my pants undone with this thick band around them.  So, I don’t think I’ll be using that as a staple.  I went to K.ohl’s to check their maternity stuff yesterday and all they have is junk.  An.n Tay.or Lo.ft has some good stuff but I’m afraid to order it.  My best friend who has 4 kids told me that I better do something because one day I am going to wake up and have nothing to wear.   

We’ll probably tell my aunts and uncles and DH’s mom, sis, and aunt this weekend.  I wanted to wait until the 12w scan.  My aunts and uncles live about 30 mins away and I’m contemplating going to tell them in person or just giving them a call.  Both sets weren’t able to have kids.   Throughout my life both my Aunt Phyllis (Mom’s sister) and my Uncle Joe (Dad’s brother) have  been there for me in good times and bad.   They really are special to me and I to them.  I told 3 people at work, one friend, one manager, and a colleague.  I had to tell them otherwise they would have been wondering why I have been going to the doctor  on a weekly basis.  DH hasn’t told anyone yet.  I don’t anticipate any sort of coming out to others until my belly won’t be denied.

Every week we lose a little bit of that chip on the shoulder, that reservation, that disbelief, but we still remain guarded.   It is, however, amazing to witness this miracle growing inside me.

Jumpin Jumpin

OK, I’m sorry, but I’m gonna hit you with this from the beginning.  I am falling in love.  I am having a hard time controlling it now.  I’m starting to get attached.  The fetus was jumpin all around today at my US.  Very, very cute.  He/She measured 11w3d, right on track, with a HB of 161 bpm. 

Saw a Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM) doctor yesterday.  We talked for over 1.5 hrs.  I can’t remember the last time a doctor sat with me/us and talked with us for that long.  The RE’s are usually 15 mins max, the GP is usually 15-30 mins, my Mom’s oncologist was about 20 mins – even in her initial diagnosis consult, my dog’s vet is about 10-15 mins.  So, 90 mins is unimaginable.  He is in a group, so I may not always see him…but that doesn’t bother me.  The more the merrier, especially in my peculiar case. 

In a nutshell, he’s not concerned about the fibroid (says it increases risk of preterm labor by 1-2%), but is obviously concerned about my UU and my age.  There is nothing in literature that says that a woman with a UU, without any previous history of preterm labor, should get a cerclage.  There’s just not a lot of data out there on women with UU’s.  Some women do nothing, which we won’t do. The decision we need to make is if we will 1) have them (the MFM group) monitor my cervical length weekly starting at 16 wks and then determine from there if a cerclage is indicated, or 2) put the cerclage in now anyway.  There’s really no negatives in having it done, but there is a chance, low risk of course, of bleeding and infection.  Any thoughts on this would be appreciated as we are on the fence.  

Then we got into the chromosomal stuff.  At my age, now 42, I have a very high risk for a chromosomal abnormality, relatively speaking.  He asked us questions about our family histories, like they did at CC.RM when you met with the genetic counselor for the CGS testing.  He told us of a test they do now that is non-invasive, basically a blood test, that is new and can determine if the baby is affected with downs to a certainty of 99ish%.  So, what  I’m thinking of doing is the “Inte.grated Tes.t” which includes the Nucha.l measurment and the bloodwork to get a rough idea on my risk factor, then if high for downs, maybe do the blood test.  I’m almost positive we will not do an amino or CVS. 

In the end, we discussed care and if I should be seen by his group and he basically said it’s up to me.  If I’m going to have the cervical length monitored, he suggested his group do that and that I continue to go to my OB for prenatal care.  Sometimes I wish these doctor’s could just give you the black and white.  I told him that I was wondering if he could tell me my risk for preterm labor, etc, based on the actual size of my UU and my cervical length right now (which supposedly is excellent) and he said there is no such thing.  Of course I knew there wasn’t, and I was half kidding, but you would think they’d have this stuff perfected now.  The other analogy he used is that it’s impossible to figure out what my UU will do.  He said that considering a woman carrying twins, some have issues and have preterm labor, others carry to full term.  It is purely a function of my anatomy and a little luck.

So that is where we are now.     Breathe, daisysmom, breathe!!!