NT Scan

We had the NT scan today.  Everything looked good…and we saw a lot!  I’m 12w3d today and the the fetus measured 12w4d and heartbeat was 160 bpm.   The sonographer (at MFM office) really listened to the heartbeat and said it sounded beautiful.  The cord even had a beat to it…the baby was holding on to it.  We saw the eyes, nose, mouth, brain, spine (fused correctly), 4 fingers and 1 thumb on each hand, folded legs like she said they usually are, the ribs, stomach (started fuller then emptied) and bladder (filling as stomach emptied), liver, rump, etc.  She said all looked good.  The NT measurement was 1.5mm.  She said that was good.   It took a long time because the baby wasn’t in the right position.  We were in there 1.5 hrs, but it seemed less because it was wonderful to see everything.   

They also checked my cervix and it measured 2.4cm today.  The MFM doctor came in and we talked a bit more about the preventative cerclage vs waiting and monitoring my cervix.  My cervix measured longer at the OB at 3.5 cm.  The MFM doctor said that 1st trimester cervical measurements can be misleading because you can’t see the end points clearly.  He said in a few weeks that it would get clearer.  But, we don’t have two weeks to decide.  Basically, over this weekend, we need to make up our minds because the cerclage would have to go in next week, if that is what we choose.  I’ve been talking to mangymutt (a fellow UUer from IVF.C) and she has helped a lot!   So, we’ve got some more thinking to do this weekend. 

I got the first blood draw for the integrated test on Mon and don’t know the results from that yet.  I am told we really need to wait until the 2nd blood draw in 4 weeks to know my overall risk based on the NT and bloods.   I’m sure my risk will be high due to my age.  I’m nervous for this, but what will be will be. 

Sometime soon, I’m going to have to contemplate maternity clothes as things aren’t looking so good on me now…only 3 of my work pants fit and one pair of ugly knock-around jeans that have some stretch to them.  I got the belly band and tried it with a good pair of jeans last Sat night for dinner with DH and it just felt weird to leave my pants undone with this thick band around them.  So, I don’t think I’ll be using that as a staple.  I went to K.ohl’s to check their maternity stuff yesterday and all they have is junk.  An.n Tay.or Lo.ft has some good stuff but I’m afraid to order it.  My best friend who has 4 kids told me that I better do something because one day I am going to wake up and have nothing to wear.   

We’ll probably tell my aunts and uncles and DH’s mom, sis, and aunt this weekend.  I wanted to wait until the 12w scan.  My aunts and uncles live about 30 mins away and I’m contemplating going to tell them in person or just giving them a call.  Both sets weren’t able to have kids.   Throughout my life both my Aunt Phyllis (Mom’s sister) and my Uncle Joe (Dad’s brother) have  been there for me in good times and bad.   They really are special to me and I to them.  I told 3 people at work, one friend, one manager, and a colleague.  I had to tell them otherwise they would have been wondering why I have been going to the doctor  on a weekly basis.  DH hasn’t told anyone yet.  I don’t anticipate any sort of coming out to others until my belly won’t be denied.

Every week we lose a little bit of that chip on the shoulder, that reservation, that disbelief, but we still remain guarded.   It is, however, amazing to witness this miracle growing inside me.


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  1. R
    Jan 12, 2012 @ 21:22:42

    So glad you had a good NT scan. You are 12 weeks already? Wow.


  2. PBJmom
    Jan 13, 2012 @ 01:16:45

    I’m so glad your scan was normal. Hopefully your blood tests will give you more good news. The risk at your age may be higher than fir someone younger, but it’s still very small (I practically memorized the chart when I had a scary first tri screen bloodwork). That is so great that you are feeling a little more sure about everything.


  3. MyTwoLines
    Jan 13, 2012 @ 07:40:54

    Wonderful news and so glad you had such a nice long baby viewing party!


  4. soulshine
    Jan 13, 2012 @ 10:31:42

    what an encouraging post! the measurement looks very good, and seeing all the parts in working order, doing their thing, growing at the right pace, all great things! every little good thing is a thing to celebrate and be relieved about. i hope you can come to a solid place of peace about whatever decision you make about the cerclage- glad you have a fellow uu’er to discuss with.

    i think with the blood tests, just being 42 screws with the number, having nothing to do with the blood results, just the age itself, but i am sure they are going to explain all of this to you when the results come back, as they come back. so far things are looking nice and normal!

    maternity cloths stink 🙂 so many of them are cheaply made, i think mostly because they are meant as a one-time pregnancy use item. you have to look at them in a whole different category! i always wanted to get good-quality but they are so expensive, the boutique-y stuff ($200 for jeans, etc). if you find a nice couple of sweaters, you can hide under them for a nice long while this winter. you may want to check out a local resale shop- sometimes you can find great inexpensive maternity items there.

    what a great post! i will be happy all weekend because of it! i am sure your family will be thrilled for you- they love you and want to see you happy!

    have a great weekend! so, what is your u/s schedule like now? every week? i hope you continue to update!


  5. Cassie
    Jan 13, 2012 @ 20:13:59

    Awesome news! I just shared it with J and as usual we are both so excited for you guys!

    Yes, maternity clothes are often poor quality, but as Soulshine said, they aren’t necessarily meant to last too long. I actually got three pairs of jeans (one of them cords) from Ko.hl’s last year and they were my favorite pants. They didn’t have too much at A.T Lo.ft. I also recommend Tar.get but if you think Ko.hl’s stuff is cheap, you may not like them either. It will end up being fun to shop though – you’ll see!


  6. Flygirl555
    Jan 14, 2012 @ 14:21:02

    As I type this, I have my little girl on my lap eating, and there is nothing in the world so wonderful as each moment spent with the babies. I am overjoyed you are close to being finished with your first trimester and things look so great! Please keep us updated…love reading your wonderful posts!


  7. soulshine
    Jan 19, 2012 @ 07:15:39

    how are things going, daisysmom?

    thinking of you! don’t mean to stalk, just- thinking of you! hope you’re hanging in there.


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