Short Cervix

I had a feeling this was going to happen.  It typically does with girls with a unicornuate uterus.  A short cervix.  Just for those comparing, I also had a cone biopsy a while back (but a shallow cut) and a D&C for a miscarriage which can contribute to an “incompetent” cervix.  So, I really don’t know if it’s the UU or a combination of the others as well.

I was having cramps last Sat.  I called the OB on call to get something to take because I thought it was gastric (gas or constipation).  Right away she suggested I go in to get checked out, considering I’m high risk with a UU.  She said it was important to check the cervix and make sure it’s closed, meaning that I wasn’t having preterm labor. 

So, off we went to the ER.  We were there 6 hrs.  Cervix was closed, cerclage looked good.  They did a detailed US (like a level II) and we got to see the little peanut wave his/her hand, show us a thumbs up, stomp his/her feet, etc.  I love the little arm, you can see the muscle tone and everything.  The ears stuck out a bit like DH’s…we had a few laughs with that.  The US tech was great and gave us a lot of attention.  The bad news was my cervical length was 1.5 cm.   The ER doctor told me that I should stay out of work until I can see my OB this coming Thursday.   Other discharge instructions were if the cramps got worse or if I had contractions to come back.  Otherwise, there is nothing else to do right now.

When we got home I decided to call the OB on call (from my group) to talk about work.  She felt that if I still had cramps on Sun that I should not go to work on Mon.  She also said she talked to a peri and that the peri (who happened to be the one who placed my cerclage) wasn’t that concerned about the 1.5 measurement (b/c of the cerclage) and thought it may not be accurate because it was taken on an empty bladder.   I asked the OB if I should call or go in if I get the cramps on Sunday and she said yes.

I had more cramping on Sun and decided to stay out of work on Mon.  I called the OB on Monday AM and ultimately decided to try to get an appt with the MFM group.   The way I figured this would work is that I had a Level II scheduled for 3/6.  If I could get that moved up then I could also see if they could help determine the source of the cramping and have them confirm the cervical length (as was the original plan by my OB – to have them measure my cervix).   After reviewing my case, considering the ER visit, they called me back and asked me to come in that morning.  DH came as well. 

They measured the cervix at 1.6cm and confirmed manually (ouch!) that I have about 1 cm between the cerclage and the end of the cervix.  The US confirmed the length to the uterus.  The peri noticed a localized contraction while I was there, but he said it’s nothing to worry about.   He said he was going to recommend that I stay off my feet and to possibly start on progesterone.  An OB from the office called me and said that I will start having weekly checkups, too, and also discussed the progesterone, etc.  They all seem to be waiting for my OB to come back and make the ultimate decisions.  I think it’s going to be bedrest at home for now.   Thursday can’t come soon enough.

As for the peanut, the peri said that he/she looks good structurally, measuring at 19w4d  and weighing 10 ounces.  Stay in there, peanut, please stay!!!



I feel relief today and I think I may be able to start to enjoy this pregnancy.  I went to my OB today for one of my biweekly checkups.  She checked the heartbeat via doppler (over 150 bpm) and discussed the results of my cervical measurement from a few weeks back.  She asked me if I had any questions, so I asked if she got my integra.ted test results yet.  She asked if I had the second blood draw.  Being surprised she didn’t know that, I told her that the draw was a week ago Monday.  She looked in my folder and found the results.  She told me it was negative.  She said for my age, the risk of the baby having a chromosomal error is 1/40, but with my blood work and NT scan results, my risk was brought down to 1/3,000.  I bet you can imagine the relief I felt once those results were given.  I told her that I was sweating that one out for a while.  She almost acted like this wasn’t that big of a deal…that she somehow assumed I’d get that result.  I guess she based it on my NT scan, which she knew back in week 12.  She had told me at that time that those results alone dropped our risk significantly. 

It was so weird for me to quiet my mind the last few weeks waiting for these results.  I’m used to a call regardless of the results.  I guess it’s engrained in me from all the years of treatment and hanging on that call….and usually a call you’d get the day of the blood draw.   My SIL and best friend told me that if I didn’t get a call then that would mean everything was ok and they’d tell me at next appointment.  I thought that but didn’t truly believe it.  These doctors just don’t understand the mind of an infertile or someone who has been trying for a baby for over 6.5 years.  It feels weird to be in the same boat as the average pregnant woman.  I guess I could have pushed it and called and asked for my results, but I didn’t. 

DH is also feeling much better now.  We’ve both been so reserved.  I think we will slowly begin to enjoy where we are. 

I provide updates on my blog with a heavy heart for those still waiting to be on the good side of the stats or still waiting for their babies through adoption.  I know that we are not out of the woods and have certainly not crossed over.  I just hope that everyone gets their day.  I truly do.


Things are going OK over here now.   Two days after my cerclage I thought that I could have been “leaking fluid”, MFM doctor on call (who happened to be the one who put in the cerclage) assured me, via phone, that all was well.  Then later that day my OB called to see how I was and I told her that I wasn’t sure how to tell if the discharge was watery or jelly like.  She suggested I go in.  So we got ourselves together and trekked to the ER during a snowstorm (our 2nd only since Oct). The MFM doctor saw me and she did a paper test and then looked at some of the discharge under the microscope.  She assured us that I didn’t rupture a membrane.   That was pretty nerve-racking.   About 4 days later I had my followup appt and they checked again; all was well.   Since then, no drama, but still the worry.

I popped.  My belly can’t be denied now.  I only have one pair of regular pants that I can wear (they are stretch corduroys).  I took some of your advice on where to go.   I found some stuff at Ol.d Nav.y, Ta.rget, and’s (who has a Mother.hood Mat.ernity shop).   Got some decent pants and a few tops, but I need more tops.  Still skittish about going into the maternity department. 

I have an appt next week for a baseline cervical measurement via US.  My OB thinks it’s necessary, but the MFMs think I don’t need it.  They think I only need to start monitoring at week 20ish.  My OB is more conservative and I’m glad about that.   I also have to do the second part of the blood work to get my integrated test results (computed risk  based on blood work and the N.T scan).  I’m really nervous about that, more than the likelihood of being able to carry full term.  Trying to relax, but it’s so hard.

I went to the OB today; she also wanted to check my cerclage.  She checked for the HB with the doppler.  It worked this time.  Last time she checked with it, I was 13w and she told me that it’s hit or miss that early.  Today I am 15w3d.  It took her a while, but she found it….music to my ears.  It measured 150 bpm.   She said that the baby was moving around a lot so that is why it took so long.  I had been hoping that I’d get a US today and ate some candy beforehand (learned that was a trick to get them to move a lot).   But, no US.   😦

Anyone looking forward to the S.uperbowl?  I think it will be a great game.  My best friend is a Gia.nts fan (and a Yan.kee fan – bleh).   I hope the P.ats win or we will never hear the end of it!