In Search Of

A comfortable chase lounge for outside.

Does anyone have any suggestions?  A favorite must have, perhaps?

The weather is getting nicer and I may take this bed rest thing to the outdoors soon.  All we have is a table and chairs.  Granted, the chairs are very comfortable, but I need to get horizontal for part of the time.  

I figure this could be a treat for an outdoorsy type like me.  I could hear the birds sing, feel the breeze, smell the fresh air.  We’ve had record-breaking temps here this week. We’re almost near 80 today and for some reason it feels much warmer.  The windows have been open all week.  The bulbs are confused.  It’ll be back to 50-60 next week, but I’d still go out there. 

I had a cleaning lady here yesterday.  First time ever in my life.  I had to argue with DH over it.  He thinks it’s a waste of money and that he can do it.  The thing is, he doesn’t always see the urgency and I don’t want to keep nagging him, “would you do this, would you do that”….but as we all know, the minute you slack off, between laundry, food shopping, cleaning, etc, you are under water.  I thought this temporary setup could help us get through.  She was here a while (apparently the first go is the toughest – neither knows what to expect).  I may get her every other week….we’ll see. 

Last Sunday, while waiting for my P17 shot, we met a woman who was also getting the shot.  She had a 12-year-old daughter already and ultimately decided to have another, although for years she was petrified of getting pregnant again.  Her daughter was a 27 weeker.  She thinks it was due to her lifestyle at the time.  I told her of myc concerns over PTL, and she assured that back then they didn’t have what they have today.  She got all the doom and gloom about potential developmental issues, etc.  At that time, she decided to quit her job and go to school for special education. She did this in case her child needed special care as she grew older.  I admired her for that.   Another reminder that you never know what life will bring.   Her daughter is fine by the way with no problems and this pregnancy is going smoothly at 31 weeks and no issues. 

My cervix is still about the same (3mm longer) this week, so pretty much stable.   I’m instructed to keep going the way I’m going as far as activity level.  I actually saw a little kick from the little peanut yesterday while looking at my stomach.   I’m showing a little more to the left due to my UU, but it’s hardly noticeable.   I’m thinking I may post a belly shot after the 24 week mark.  22w3d today.   

Happy Spring to everyone!


Counting to Viability

21w3d today…and counting to viability.  If we get to 24 weeks, we’ll have a little celebration, but it’s those weeks between 24 to 28 that matter.  30-32 weeks is my ultimate goal.   My cervix measured a little longer last week at 1.8cm (up from 1.6cm the previous week), but then today it was 1.4cm.  So, a little less than it was, but still some cervix between the uterus and cerclage.  I’m told to keep going as I am on modified bed rest. 

Some days it seems that the time flies by, but other days seem so long.  I’m glad to be able to work from home, although some days it seems too much.  The last few days I worked from 8ish to 6pm, on conference calls, reviewing documents, etc.  The good thing is those days seem to vaporize.  Add that to my Mom or Aunt or friend stopping by here and there, and before you know it, DH is home.  When I think of it in terms of where I am in the pregnancy, however, it seems to drag.  Like I almost feel like I’m 22 weeks because I want it to be here so bad.  I guess I’m always looking ahead. 

One thing I’ve been able to do is spend some quality time with Ms. Daisy Mae.  She can do some serious sleeping during the day.  Most time she takes up half the couch.  She is used to me being here now, I think.  Here’s a picture showing us last night on the couch.  I was in front of her and she decided to rest her head on me.  It was the best!  DH thought it was picture worthy.  I attached only half the picture to protect the innocent – ha!


We went to my OB this morning.   She didn’t have anything different to say.   She said that she’s happy we got the cerclage when we did.  She said it’s not dire now, but it merits some concern.  She felt that I should be taken out of work, even though bedrest isn’t proven to help with pre-term labor (PTL).  I asked about the level of my bedrest and it seemed to fall into the category of “modified”.  She said she doesn’t want me on the couch all day because I could end up with a blood clot.  She said that I could do light normal activity, such as laundry, providing I didn’t lift anything heavy.  She said to limit the times I go up and down the stairs.  She said basically to do what feels comfortable to me and if I get more cramps from doing something, to not do that anymore.  It’s all so abstract to me.  I think I’m going to try and spend a good amount of time horizontal through the day, and then light activity otherwise.  I already told my mom that I wanted her friend to come over and show me how to knit.  I think that’s a good way to pass the time. 

I’m also going to work in some capacity.  I’ll be discussing that with them later today.  I’m not sure if I’ll do some part time work now and hold off the short term disabi.lity until later, ie if strict bedrest or hospitalization is required. 

I asked my OB about the progesterone shots and she said they aren’t really proven to help postpone PTL, but that there is no harm in having them.  So, I’ll be doing those weekly.  She said I should go to the ER (at Wome.n and Inf.ants hospita.l) for those.  Something about they will be completely paid for by my insurance if I do it that way, but not if I get them at her office.   Gotta love insurance companies.   (eta – soulshine – would you please give me a little more information on your research that showed 17P shots don’t have any affect on the baby?  i’m worried that it’s something they just don’t know yet…ie, children that got the shots aren’t old enough to know)

We had another US also prior to my meeting with the OB.  The US tech measured me at 1.8 cm (a little longer than Mon – maybe due to the bedrest – who knows!).  The peanut was in the complete opposite position, head down instead of feet down.  Funny, I wonder if some of the cramps I had yesterday were from that somersault.  The US tech said probably not, considering the gest age.  But, thinking about my UU, maybe so.  It’s like having twins in a normal sized uterus. 

I am going to have weekly appts now.  So, next appt is Monday.  I just hope I can make the time fly.  Work does help.  I was on conf calls for 6 hrs yesterday!  We have so much now, between we.bex and other online meeting options, online document management, conference calls, etc, it’s really easy to keep up.  Some of the guys were kidding with me that they wanted to me in and that I’d probably have rollers in my hair.  

So, I guess I can get my hair colored still, right?  I can go to that comedy show I had planned for 6 months (the two guys from Who.’s Lin.e is it Anyw.ay), providing I’m comfortable.  I guess well see how this all plays out.  I hope it becomes more apparent to me, either way.