We went to my OB this morning.   She didn’t have anything different to say.   She said that she’s happy we got the cerclage when we did.  She said it’s not dire now, but it merits some concern.  She felt that I should be taken out of work, even though bedrest isn’t proven to help with pre-term labor (PTL).  I asked about the level of my bedrest and it seemed to fall into the category of “modified”.  She said she doesn’t want me on the couch all day because I could end up with a blood clot.  She said that I could do light normal activity, such as laundry, providing I didn’t lift anything heavy.  She said to limit the times I go up and down the stairs.  She said basically to do what feels comfortable to me and if I get more cramps from doing something, to not do that anymore.  It’s all so abstract to me.  I think I’m going to try and spend a good amount of time horizontal through the day, and then light activity otherwise.  I already told my mom that I wanted her friend to come over and show me how to knit.  I think that’s a good way to pass the time. 

I’m also going to work in some capacity.  I’ll be discussing that with them later today.  I’m not sure if I’ll do some part time work now and hold off the short term disabi.lity until later, ie if strict bedrest or hospitalization is required. 

I asked my OB about the progesterone shots and she said they aren’t really proven to help postpone PTL, but that there is no harm in having them.  So, I’ll be doing those weekly.  She said I should go to the ER (at Wome.n and Inf.ants hospita.l) for those.  Something about they will be completely paid for by my insurance if I do it that way, but not if I get them at her office.   Gotta love insurance companies.   (eta – soulshine – would you please give me a little more information on your research that showed 17P shots don’t have any affect on the baby?  i’m worried that it’s something they just don’t know yet…ie, children that got the shots aren’t old enough to know)

We had another US also prior to my meeting with the OB.  The US tech measured me at 1.8 cm (a little longer than Mon – maybe due to the bedrest – who knows!).  The peanut was in the complete opposite position, head down instead of feet down.  Funny, I wonder if some of the cramps I had yesterday were from that somersault.  The US tech said probably not, considering the gest age.  But, thinking about my UU, maybe so.  It’s like having twins in a normal sized uterus. 

I am going to have weekly appts now.  So, next appt is Monday.  I just hope I can make the time fly.  Work does help.  I was on conf calls for 6 hrs yesterday!  We have so much now, between we.bex and other online meeting options, online document management, conference calls, etc, it’s really easy to keep up.  Some of the guys were kidding with me that they wanted to sky.pe me in and that I’d probably have rollers in my hair.  

So, I guess I can get my hair colored still, right?  I can go to that comedy show I had planned for 6 months (the two guys from Who.’s Lin.e is it Anyw.ay), providing I’m comfortable.  I guess well see how this all plays out.  I hope it becomes more apparent to me, either way.


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  1. ebc
    Mar 01, 2012 @ 18:27:47

    i never got techincally put on bedrest, but i put myself on chair rest and could tell a difference in braxton hicks between days i sat/laid vs. days i was on my feet. hopefully taking it easy will help keep your cervix as long as possible till the end! also, my personal experience with 17P was excellent–i had braxton hicks from 16wks all the way to the end, but they were definitely stronger, longer and more frequent as i got to day 5 and 6 after my shot each week than they were in the first couple of days after i got it each time. sounds like a bit of a pain to have to go somewhere to do it each week (we did mine at home)…but if it gets it paid for i’d totally do it because even the compounded, non-brand name stuff is $$!! sending stretching and calm vibes from my UU to yours.


  2. PBJmom
    Mar 02, 2012 @ 00:33:07

    Daisymom–I’m so glad to hear everything is ok. And so glad you got the cerclage!

    I haven’t done any research but back when I stayed on P4 longer than the CCRM recommended 12 weeks, my OB (who approved) said some people are on progesterone as late as 38 weeks to prevent preterm labor with no problems, so she made it sound like it was an established practice…not sure if that helps.

    Keep taking it easy!


  3. Cassie
    Mar 02, 2012 @ 09:39:50

    Sounds like you have a good plan. I’m so glad that your work is so flexible. I would not have been able to teach while at home resting! Also, learning to knit sounds like a wonderful idea. I know how to do the basic stitches and have made a few scarves, but still need to learn how to go beyond that. One of these days!
    Please keep us posted – we are all cheering for you and the peanut!


  4. soulshine
    Mar 02, 2012 @ 10:50:13

    it sounds like your OB is on top of everything- so great to have care that you trust, makes all the difference in situations that come up (like this!).

    the makena website states that follow-up studies on children exposed to makena (brand name 17p) showed no differences in children not exposed, up to age 5.
    here’s a link i found on a 2-second google, but its from 2007…
    my peri assured me of the safety of 17p shots- even though i *did not* meet the requirements of its intended use. i trusted him, i think there are some doctors that in general do not like to prescribe anything that is not proven necessary- and some that are willing to go off the books a little (without harming, of course)… kind of like some of the ivf supplemental things that CCRM plays around with (rob’s cocktail, etc. etc). granted, you never really know until some time goes by, but absolutely no one has ever brought up exposure. it has been used for some time now, but in limited use, and i think it is considered ‘early’ for some of those long-term studies to be taken.

    anyway, i know everyone has their own personal comfort levels with what they put in their body, and that is that!

    as far as bed rest, i was on modified for the first time, and i just had to take it easy on stairs, etc. etc. i did go to my friend’s wedding, which was an hour car ride… also, went to our restaurant for 1/2hr each day to do the menu, a 5 minute drive from home. you will find the parameters that you feel comfortable with. second time, in the hospital, they had me on these poofy-leg-machine things that worked to stave off blood clots, because i was in bed 95% of the time.

    it is great that you can do so much tele-working!

    so glad you are in great care, and peanut is looking terrific. you are more than half way there, yes? one day at a time… love seeing your update, and continue to think only good things for you.


  5. LisainSK
    Mar 03, 2012 @ 10:21:32

    Sounds like you’ve got some breathing room from the latest U/S. With regard to BH/cramping…your body will tell you when you are doing too much. So just listen to your body. But listen to the whispers…not the screams. You will figure it out. Drink lots of water too. Yes, thank GOD for technology to keep your sanity level so that you can work somewhat. And knitting…sounds like a great challenge to keep you busy!!


  6. Mangymutt
    Mar 07, 2012 @ 21:14:17

    Just keep your goals to the immediate milestones – first 24 weeks, then 26 weeks, then 28 weeks (BIG ONE! DESERVES ICE CREAM CAKE AND A MEDAL, FOOT MASSAGE, PRESENTS!!) and then 30 weeks… and you will get there. (When people told me things like, “your goal is 30 weeks? You need to go for 38!” I wanted to bop them one in the head! They didn’t realize and couldn’t understand what it took to get to 30 weeks…). Hopefully work can keep you a little distracted – but ultimately, listen to your body. Just talking on the phone or laughing would cause me to contract sometimes… so note what your body is telling you.

    You’re doing a great job!!! And I’m glad that your Drs. are listening to you and working hard to keep baby in there as long as possible.


  7. soulshine
    Mar 08, 2012 @ 10:32:35

    hi daisysmom,
    just checking on you, seeing how your week went…

    hope things are steady-as-they-go. update when you feel like it!


  8. Kelley
    Mar 14, 2012 @ 14:21:10

    Just wanted to check in and see how you are doing…noticed it has been a few weeks since you last posted.

    Praying all is going well with you and the little one. Please update us when you can!



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