Yep, I’ve got it…gestational diabetes.  I failed the first and second draw after the glucose drink.  Fasting and third values were ok.   I don’t know why, but it caused me to break down a bit today.  I guess between that diagnosis and all of the pent-up nerves, boredom and aggregation that bed rest causes I went into overload.  I’m not complaining, but I guess this diagnosis put me over the edge.  I’ve been reading about it.  Some things worry me, but in general, I feel if I can keep the blood sugar in control, baby and I will be ok.  I go for an instructional meeting next Wed and will be meeting with a nutritionist.   I wonder why I have it, but think it may be the bedrest (no exercise), the fact that I gained a lot in the first tri, my AMA, and the fact that my paternal grandma had type 2 GD.

Had a US yesterday and the tech said everything was perfect for where I am – 27w3d.   Head is still down and will most likely stay that way.  My cervix measured longer for some reason – 2.4cm.  The tech said she’s seen that happen and chalked it up to being on bedrest.  After that I met with my OB and she said everything looked great but had no explanation for the increased cervical length.  She said she’d never seen that before, but we’ll take it.  She said maybe the baby is more up in my abdomen and putting less pressure on the cervix (but that doesn’t make sense either because the head is down).  I asked if I may be a candidate for a vaginal delivery and she said yes, definitely.   That’s pretty neat because I always thought the baby would be breached due to my UU.  She said she will be watching my cervical length to determine if she thinks steroids are still warranted for lung development, should I have a preterm delivery.   From what I am reading, it seems like these decisions may be impacted by the GD.  I guess I’ll have a lot of questions for my OB come next week (still have weekly appts with her). 

DH hasn’t found out anything about the ct scan yet.  He finally called today since it was a week ago now that the scan was done.  The lady said his doctor was on vacation and wouldn’t get back until next Thur.  Can you believe that?!?!?  I threw a fit on the phone with him.  I asked him to call back and tell her you want your results and to find out if there is an affiliate in his office who could share the results.  DH agreed, but then said either way, he’s going to have questions for his doctor and that they usually don’t like to take over another patient’s case.  So, we wait until Thur.  It’s an underlying worry that is always on my mind. 

I’m getting my registry going.  If any of you have a few “must haves” let me know.  I got a nice list from scottsdalehopeful (thanks, girlfriend).   It seems the most overwhelming choice is the stroller….there are just too  many options based on your lifestyle, etc! 

This is sort of a “hanging in there” type post.  I need to control my mind to stay in a good place and not go to those bad places.  I think a walk outside is warranted.  Bye for now…going out into the sunshine!


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  1. R
    Apr 27, 2012 @ 15:44:12

    Hey, sorry about the GD that sucks. I did a lot of searchig for yummy GD friendly recipes and i was surprised by how many there were.

    In terms of registry…
    – i have the uppababy vista stroller – LOVE it
    – a sleep sheep or other white noise machine is key
    – a swing
    – some form of a jumper
    – a baby carrier (i have a sling – great for newborn and a bjorn)

    Good luck and happy registering!


  2. MyTwoLines
    Apr 28, 2012 @ 07:42:03

    I’m so sorry about the diabetes! But so happy your ultrasound was good. And hoping that no news is good news for your hubs!

    I agree that a white noise machine is essential…we started our babies out with one when we first brought them home and we think it really helps for sleep routines…when it comes on they know it’s time for sleep!


  3. Kelley
    Apr 28, 2012 @ 09:37:41

    I am sorry to hear about the diabetes 😦 But I am glad that your cervical length increased!

    We have used a swing, Moby wrap, Boppy pillow for breastfeeding/propping baby up, Bumbo, Arms Reach Mini cosleeper and excersaucer for all 3 kids.

    We also have a Bugaboo Frog as our single stroller, I totally love it. My mom bought it for us when our first was born and she purchased it brand new off EBay, at that time (3 years ago) she paid $125-$150 less. We have used it for 3 kids now and it still is like new.

    Also you can never have too many bibs, burp cloths, one piece sleepers or gowns and hats the first few weeks! Oh and I also swear by the Halo sleep sacks and Summer Infant Swaddlers.


  4. LisainSK
    Apr 29, 2012 @ 21:59:15

    Booo to GD!!! Hang in there…not much longer!!


  5. Flygirl
    May 02, 2012 @ 16:42:38

    The GD is just temporary…you’re doing so GREAT and your LO will be here before you know it!

    Here is a link to my suggestions:

    As far as the stroller, I have three:

    1. A Snap-n-Go – Get one of these used…they are wonderful! Lightweight and a breeze to get in-and-out of the car when the babies are little. Also great for travel – when you don’t want your “good” stroller to be destroyed by the airlines.

    2. Baby Jogger City Select – I needed a stroller for twins and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this stroller. If I had a sigleton though, I would go with the City Mini. My friend has this verson and the full-cover sun shade is great for walks.

    3. Bob Dualie – Again, I needed a double stroller and wanted something more durable for when I go hiking “off-road.” I picked it up at a sale price that I couldn’t resist. I haven’t used it yet because the frame can only accommodate one car seat. So, until the babies reach six months, it will continue to sit in my pantry. Also, it is HUGE – not pracical to pack in the car – so I think this one won’t get much use.

    Plesae keep us posted! Hugs!


  6. soulshine
    May 03, 2012 @ 14:53:41

    thanks so much for the update… you are really rolling along- i bet you look beautiful! so glad baby is looking good and your cervix is strong! hurray 🙂

    as far as baby gear, it really helps to see the stuff in person… we have had luck with chicco products- carseat and their light weight stroller. we have a jogging stroller, which is nice. our lifestyle is rural, so a big convertable unit was not appropriate.

    we have a cd player in the baby’s room and we play lullabies on repeat at bedtime. sometimes he like the fan on, so noise/sounds/music are key- if nothing else it helps quiet any noise you may be making while getting things done during nap/bed time.

    we had a vibrating bouncy seat that was awesome in the beginning- a safe place to put baby to have time to clean, eat, etc. when you just can’t have them in your arms- the vibration is a good thing- he seemed to really dig it 🙂

    we also have an ergo baby carrier. its great! very comfy and useful to have. get the infant insert as well. this thing can be used from infancy to well into toddlerhood.
    we also have a kelty ‘mijo’ backpack- my husband likes this better than the carrier, and baby loves being up high and seeing the sights… but this is more for when they can hold their own head up- but a nice registry gift to ask for!

    to be honest, most of the stuff we had for baby gear was fine- i was so relieved and thankful to have a baby to be using it, i just go with the flow. if something really sucks or is poorly made, we just donate it. most of the varied brands and things we have come across are fine. just pick what you like!

    i am SO so so so excited that you are thinking of registry items… baby’s going to be here soon! i wish i could send you something! i may force your addy out of you so i can send something along 🙂

    that is terrible, having to wait for results like that, for your husband. just terrible. i hope that means the results are good.

    keep the updates coming!


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