Just a short post tonight.  More later in the week, if possible.

Tomorrow I’ll be 36w, 1w away from full term.  I simply cannot believe it. 

I will get my cerclage out tomorrow in the OB’s office.  I’ve heard this can hurt because sometimes tissue grows around the cerclage, but hopefully it won’t be too bad.   My OB thinks I may dilate a bit more but that it’s unlikely I’ll go into labor as a result of the removal.  I had to see a different OB last week and he told me that in all his years of practice he’s never seen someone go right after a cerclage removal.   Rather, he said most of the time some scar tissue forms and it acts as preventative.  He said if I go, I’ll be the first he’s seen.  I put more stuff in my bag just in case.

Daisy is having a harder time with the heat.  We are getting her checked on Tue for laryngeal paralysis (sp?)…thanks for the tip, soulshine.  She also yelped tonight and lifted her left paw up.  We’ll also check her for lyme (even though she is vaccinated and on Fr.ontline).   I wish I could have her around forever!!!


L&D Tips for the Worrier?

I’ve been thinking a lot about labor and delivery lately.  Maybe because I’m 34w, maybe because my cerclage is coming out at 36w, maybe because the baby is getting bigger and I can feel more pressure, etc.   Little peanut has got to come out somehow.  I know that.   I know I can look forward to the moment he/she is in my arms.  I know I can handle it, but, I worry.  I am a worry wart.  I worry about everything.   We did not take any classes because I wouldn’t let myself believe until 24 weeks, then really believe until 28 weeks.  My OB says that it doesn’t matter that we didn’t take a class.  She said they will guide me through everything.  I still worry.  Do any of you have any advice/ stories you want to share? 

For stats, I’m 34w1d today.  Baby measured on track last week and was estimated at 4lbs12oz.   The NST’s have been good.  I have them 2x/wk now due to a recommendation from MFM since I have GD.  I don’t mind…it’s cute to hear the “galloping horses in water” heartbeat sound. 

In other news, the artist is making progress with the mural in the nursery, but not as much as I had hoped.  She says she will be here at 6pm but she comes close to 8pm.  She says she may come tomorrow and then never calls or texts.  She does her own thing.  I love how it is coming out.  She’s doing a fantastic job.  But, I need to somewhat plan.  I emailed her today, no response yet.  I told her that things could start happening once the cerclage is out and then at that point, she won’t be able to come for a bit.  I told her that the baby will be in our bedroom for a little while in the beginning; heck, the crib won’t be here for another 2-3 weeks anyway.  But, once that baby comes, it will be crazy here.  I don’t want to push her because I want her to feel good and inspired when she comes here so she does her best job.  But, geez, maybe it’s because she’s young or because she’s an artist and is used to dealing in the abstract.  Who knows.  

Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the beginning of the summer.  The grass and flowers always look good now.  Here’s a picture of my peonies and a bearded iris from a few weeks ago: