L&D Tips for the Worrier?

I’ve been thinking a lot about labor and delivery lately.  Maybe because I’m 34w, maybe because my cerclage is coming out at 36w, maybe because the baby is getting bigger and I can feel more pressure, etc.   Little peanut has got to come out somehow.  I know that.   I know I can look forward to the moment he/she is in my arms.  I know I can handle it, but, I worry.  I am a worry wart.  I worry about everything.   We did not take any classes because I wouldn’t let myself believe until 24 weeks, then really believe until 28 weeks.  My OB says that it doesn’t matter that we didn’t take a class.  She said they will guide me through everything.  I still worry.  Do any of you have any advice/ stories you want to share? 

For stats, I’m 34w1d today.  Baby measured on track last week and was estimated at 4lbs12oz.   The NST’s have been good.  I have them 2x/wk now due to a recommendation from MFM since I have GD.  I don’t mind…it’s cute to hear the “galloping horses in water” heartbeat sound. 

In other news, the artist is making progress with the mural in the nursery, but not as much as I had hoped.  She says she will be here at 6pm but she comes close to 8pm.  She says she may come tomorrow and then never calls or texts.  She does her own thing.  I love how it is coming out.  She’s doing a fantastic job.  But, I need to somewhat plan.  I emailed her today, no response yet.  I told her that things could start happening once the cerclage is out and then at that point, she won’t be able to come for a bit.  I told her that the baby will be in our bedroom for a little while in the beginning; heck, the crib won’t be here for another 2-3 weeks anyway.  But, once that baby comes, it will be crazy here.  I don’t want to push her because I want her to feel good and inspired when she comes here so she does her best job.  But, geez, maybe it’s because she’s young or because she’s an artist and is used to dealing in the abstract.  Who knows.  

Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the beginning of the summer.  The grass and flowers always look good now.  Here’s a picture of my peonies and a bearded iris from a few weeks ago:


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  1. R
    Jun 12, 2012 @ 21:36:44

    I was the same as you – total disbelief and therefore didnt take any prenatal classes. My one and only puece of advice is EPIDURAL. I wish you an easy and uncomplicated labour and cant wait to hear about and see some pics of the mural!


  2. LisainSK
    Jun 12, 2012 @ 23:03:37

    Yup…epidural. I bow to those women that can do it naturally. But for me, it turned an incredibly painful event into a blissful, exciting event. It allowed me to focus on just how incredibly special that day was when LN10 was born. I did take classes and it was nice…but it goes out the door when you are in labour. The nurses and doctors will take special care of you. Don’t worry. Can’t wait! Not much longer.


  3. Flygirl
    Jun 13, 2012 @ 11:14:01

    Ohhhh…you are so close! So exciting! Don’t have any L&D advice since I had planned a CS pretty much from day one. Hope the mural gets complete, but if the nursery isn’t “perfect” on day one, no big deal. The AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL baby you will be bringing home will make the room just perfect.


  4. soulshine
    Jun 13, 2012 @ 13:13:40

    yeah, women have been having babies since the beginning of time, and with your OB, you will get thru it! lol 🙂

    i guess i would suggest, if you are up for it, to call around and see if there are any l&d classes open to do a quick drop-in. the nurses who run the classes are usually l&d nurses on staff, and there may be one who will be willing to give you a ‘crash course’ just so you aren’t going in ‘blind’. that, or make a list of specific questions and ask your OB. her answers will be different than that of a l&d nurse, though, since they play very different roles. have you taken a tour or anything? i was a big time worrier, and the tour helped. just to get a head’s up.

    i’ve done it 3 times. all different ways (natural, w/epidural, w/ failed epidural, planned cesarean) and all ways work 🙂 your OB will know exactly what to do, when to do it. be vocal with your needs and wants, with your questions and worries. be vocal! make sure your husband is ready, willing, and able to advocate for you. have your mom or a friend nearby for back-up support if need be.

    the thing is, you can plan until the day is done, and there will always be something that comes up that you didn’t plan for, so, just go with the flow, and keep your eye on the prize- healthy baby, safe with healthy mom & dad.

    ah! i am so excited for you!

    jeez, i wihs your mural painter would get a sense of urgency! it would be so nice if she could get it done- i agree with flygirl, if it isn’t done, no biggie. but it would be nice if it would be done soon! gotta crack that whip with her! maybe have husband go get her a triple latte so she can burn some midnight oil finishing it up.


  5. Cassie
    Jun 13, 2012 @ 18:39:15

    I’m so excited for you! I have no advice for L&D, as we ended up doing a c-section. We did the intensive weekend course for L&D at our hospital, and definitely thought the tour was worthwhile. Plus we learned how to get on the waiting list for the private rooms. But you probably will get one automatically, right? We had to pay an extra $700 a night out of pocket for our private room, and it was the best money we ever spent…well, aside from that last IVF 😉 We had room service that was like nice-hotel quality food – awesome.

    In terms of how it happens – I agree that you shouldn’t stress. I was really upset when I first learned we would have to have a c-section. Although I always intended to get an epidural, I also really wanted the experience of delivering vaginally. But I had friends tell me not to worry about it – that once I had him safely in my arms I wouldn’t care how he got there. And nothing could be more true. I had another friend who got me worried that he wouldn’t latch on well if he couldn’t have skin-to-skin contact right away, and that wasn’t even the slightest issue. As soon as they brought him to me in recovery he did the baby-crawl and scooted right up to my breast (search for that on YouTube – it is the coolest thing!).

    I can’t even tell you how excited I am that you are getting so close!!!


  6. Kelley
    Jun 14, 2012 @ 12:48:27

    Wow 34 wks already! 🙂

    My advice is similar to Soulshine…..you can plan as much as you want, but it is out of your control for the most part.

    Baby #1 was a unplanned csection after a 29 hour labor and induction at 42 wks and he became wedged and stuck after my water broke

    Baby #2 was induced at almost 41 wks with a foley catheter due to low fluid. 8-9 hr labor, almost all natural and 1 hr and 20 min of pushing.

    Baby # 3 was a 3 and a 1/2 hr labor start to finish, totally natural, no pain meds at all and 15 minutes of pushing. Actually I will say this was my easiest labor and delivery….my second vaginal delivery but with no epidural I just could feel what my body needed me to do. I was up and around much faster, healed much faster and barely tore and he was a pound and a half larger than my daughter (7 lbs 7oz vs 8 lbs 13 oz and almost 23 inches at 40 wks 2 days!) So yea it was very intense but I would def do it again!

    Anyway, most importantly of course as everyone has said is healthy mom healthy baby. After IVF having a csection first time around was hard for me, he is a happy and healthy 3 year old now 🙂

    Try and take a class if you can, but ultimately just keep yourself informed and be flexible! Oh and I had a doula for my 2 vaginal births. Wish I would have had one the first time around! Best money I ever spent!


  7. soulshine
    Jun 23, 2012 @ 13:19:34

    how are things, daisysmom?
    you hanging in there? is your cerclage coming out this week?
    would love an update from you 🙂


  8. Pearl
    Jun 23, 2012 @ 19:31:38

    How are things now? I’ll be crossing my fingers for you and wishing you a safe and happy vaginal delivery with now complications. And most of all, have a healthy baby!


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