Sleep Training

Did I ever go through sleep training?  I doubt it.  My mom was 26 when she had me and had a little toddler, my brother, running around at 9 months (we both walked early).  She didn’t read books.  She just nurtured.

Why do I feel so much pressure that by 6 weeks our little bundle of joy needs to be in some sleep training program? 

I know it will only help us in the long run.  We long for the 7-8 hrs sleep we used to get.  But, it seems like an insurmountable task.  Plus, there are so many opinions out there, running the gamut between “cry it out” to baby directed sleeping using props/aides to make them sleep. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely not complaining…I just feel a bit overwhelmed.  I think we will be somewhere in between.  I’m about to read Baby.wise and may order one that Cassie recommended, too, called “Hea.lthy S.leep Ha.bits He.althy Ch.ild.    My SIL said she read both and used what she thought was good from both books.   A few other people also recommended Baby.wise. 

Right now he is in his little Rock-and-Play sleeper (which I love) in the next room, sleeping away after a good feeding.  Per Babywis.e he, should be playing for a bit after feeding prior to sleep (my bad?).  He’ll get his bath when he gets up and we’ll drag the rock and paly thing upstairs because he seems to like it much better than the bassinet.  He is a bit stuffy and is starting to spit up a bit, so it seems to help him.  My ped says it’s ok for him to sleep in there.  In a few weeks we’ll transition to the crib (I think?). 

I am a nervous nelly.  I wish I wasn’t.  I’ve called my ped and the “war.m lin.e” that is offered by my hospital (nurses on call to answer any baby or mommy related questions post partum) several times.  Since the stuffiness and grunting (trying to clear) is bothering me, we may take him to have his lungs checked tomorrow.  

It’s funny, as you all know, I spent so much time thinking about staying pregnant and about the health of my baby that I didn’t spend much time preparing for actually being a mom.  I know it will come in time.  I know that I will do well.   It’s just new territory and I want to make sure I’m doing the best I can for my son.  

In between the worry and sleeplessness, we get our moments.  The moments that fill my heart with such love.  This morning I was singing to him while holding him and he looked so relaxed, contented, and was smiling at me.  Maybe he’s trying to say, “Mom you are doing ok”

Edited to add:  just noticed I hadn’t posted since he was 2 weeks….he’s almost 5 weeks (on Tue) and is growing and gaining weight well.  At his 4 wk appt last Mon he had gained 3 oz/day on average from the last time.  He was 8 lbs 6 oz.  I bet he is well over 9 lbs now.   We are taking him in today to have the stuffiness checked so we’ll see then.


2w appt

Hi…I have yet to get to that birth story.  I want to document it for the peanut, too, so I know it will get done sometime, hopefully before he is 1!

He has been gaining quite well…he was 6lbs 12 oz yesterday, gaining 2 oz/ day on average this last duration between weigh ins.  So, he must be getting enough milk.  In fact, I think I have too much milk.  I’m pretty much exclusively feeding off the breast.  I had to pump in the hospital because he had some latch issues then and was loosing too much weight (and also because of the slight jaundice he had).  I pumped the other day when I went to the hair dresser.  I pumped the other night just to empty out.  I get about 4-5 oz for 2 breasts over 15-20 mins.  My docs and the Warm Line nurses say it’s great….so, I’m happy with that.  I just wonder if my milk lets down too fast.  Sometimes he cries just before a feeding and I wonder if he is thinking, “here we go again, get ready for a flood”.  He’s eating every 2-3 hrs and at night I’m trying to extend the duration but have only gotten him to 3 hrs.  From what I hear, this adjustment period takes a while as he and I are getting used to the process. 

He’s also grown to 20.25″ from 18.5″ at birth and his head is growing well.  The ped is happy with everything, so that gives me comfort. 

Sleep….how I wish.  We had a good night last night where I got 3 2-hr naps and I felt refreshed today.   The night before was horrible…I was up ALL NIGHT.  I think he was/is going through a growth spurt and/or was cluster feeding.   Every night I don’t know what I’m going to get.  I’m looking forward to a good 4-hr sleep.  We’re going to try a bottle feed at night with DH and I’ll pump early and go to bed early and hopefully between that and the next feeding I can get 3.5-4 hrs solid.  We’ll see.

My Daisy needs more of my attention.  DH still walks her everyday.  He was home with me until today.  He really took care of me and the house while home.  Gonna seriously miss that.  My Mom came over today to help and give me a break.   Friends, relatives and neighbors have been so generous, coming over with food and gifts for the peanut.  I can’t get in my yard.  My flowers, shrubs, and roses need my attention, but they’ll just have to accept that they will look good next year!

updated to add picture of daddy playing with the peanut and daisy mae getting in on the scene.  she loves her human brother.

Picture Updates

Pictures from today…working on a more detailed birth story for my next post…

Baby News

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick post to update you……we welcomed our baby boy to the world on 6/26 at 10:27am!  He is awesome and we are all fine. 

 I will post later with details….but, in summary I went in for the cerclage removal and I was already dilated 2-3cm….took out the cerclage and went to 4 cm, had contractions and got to 8-9, stalled at 9, went fully open, or so we thought, and started pushing at 6am on 6/26….baby didn’t come, checked cervix again and it was 7cm somehow (with change of doctors could have been different opinion)….so, we had to go for c-section.  

He was born at 5 lbs 15 oz, 18-1/2″ long. 

I am in love.

Hope everyone is doing well!