Picture Updates

Pictures from today…working on a more detailed birth story for my next post…


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  1. someday-soon
    Jul 04, 2012 @ 23:23:19

    Adorable!!! Hope you are having fun getting to know each other =)


  2. soulshine
    Jul 05, 2012 @ 12:59:34

    wow. he is just totally gorgeous! he looks like an old soul… you know how some babies look like that, that certain special look about them? he has that! and those baby toes are so delicious! i am so thrilled for you, daisysmom! thank you so much for sharing his picture!


  3. LisainSK
    Jul 05, 2012 @ 18:39:27

    Oooohhh…I remember those newborn days fondly…in fact it was just a year ago. Time flies! He’s such a cutie! I am over the moon for you!!


  4. Cassie
    Jul 05, 2012 @ 22:05:18

    I was going to say the exact same thing as Soulshine – he does look like an old, wise soul! I guess he has been waiting around for a long time to meet you! I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am for you. I was thinking of you today and imagining how totally blissed out you must be. Can’t wait for more pics and stories, but relax and enjoy this amazing time.


  5. PBJmom
    Jul 05, 2012 @ 23:54:20

    He does look like a wise old soul!

    I’m so happy for you, can’t wait to read more.


  6. MyTwoLines
    Jul 06, 2012 @ 15:42:04

    Awwww such a sweet little thing!


  7. soulshine
    Jul 10, 2012 @ 22:38:52

    i can’t stand it… i need another update! even if its just some boring old stuff about diapers or lack of sleep… i so hope you are all doing well!

    you had a baby! i think back to a year ago, and who knew, right?! now, there is this incredible baby boy… so happy for you!

    and, how is ms.daisy?!


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