Time Segments

First, the answer to the question in my last post’s title is YES….it is a fibroid.  They got part of it out 2 weeks ago.  I got put under and had outpatient surgery.  They took out the part that lost its blood supply and that was trying to come out, but the base was too big and my uterus is still too thin.  So, I go back in a few more weeks for an exam and we have plans to have it removed completely in Dec. 

Time Segments

That’s what our family life consists of now….short time segments of feeding/eating, playing, and sleeping.  I have always been a busy person, always doing something, not much couch time.  But, I am still adapting to being a new mom.  When the peanut is up after feeding I try to really engage him and teach him different things, take him outside, etc.  So, that leaves only his sleeping time for me to get things done.  I’ve heard this gets worse as they get older and start crawling/walking.   It would seem that I could get so much done being home all day, but I really can’t. 

I am in the process of refining my ability to prioritize.   Here’s what I want to do today:  pay bills, organize papers, laundry, make apple pie, cook fish for dinner, upload pictures to shutt.erfly and get some printed, set up my DH’s new digital photo frame that I got him for his birthday, finish a few more thank you cards, order some accessories for the nursery, etc.  What I want to do and what will get done are completely 2 different things.  I’m not complaining at all, don’t get me wrong…I’m just working through getting better at prioritizing.  Maybe if I wear my sneakers I can run to my next task and get things done even faster?  

We are still working on a daytime routine and I think once that gets more predictable things should improve.  My best friend has 4 kids and I used to wonder why she would always eat standing up, on the go to the next thing, and I can see why now. 

Even though we are still adapting, I wouldn’t change any of this for the world!

@#$% the laundry, I’m going to go make that apple pie!


Is it a Fibroid?

Hello everyone – long time no post.    I hope everyone is doing well.

I had to go in for a procedure yesterday.  I had been having a strange discharge over the last week.  I went to the doctor and the nurse practitioner thought I had an infection and put me on a vaginal gel, but she also noticed something coming through my cervix.  She asked me to see my OB.  So, I did.  She tried to pull at it in the office but couldn’t get it out and then said she needed to evaluate it in the OR.  She said it was definitely part of me and not something left over from my c-section surgery and that it had no blood supply.

I went to the OR yesterday for the procedure.  My DH took me and my Mom watched the little peanut.  I was under general so I didn’t feel a thing.   They think it is a fibroid that my body was/is trying to deliver.   They took out part of it, but didn’t go to the base since my lining was thin.  The OB told me DH to think of it paper meche over a ballon…they got the paper mache out to help relieve the dilation in my cervix (trying to pass it) but the balloon part, attached to my uterus will have to wait.  I have to go back in 4 weeks to meet with the OB and probably will have an ultrasound then.  They send the tissue out to be analyzed and we should have the results in a few weeks.

I noticed it’s weird how I haven’t obsessed about this, haven’t scoured the internet, am not anticipating the 4 month appointment.  I think it’s because this is solely about me.  Not that I don’t care about myself, but it’s not impacting the peanut.  I’m more worried about the anesthesia and have since pumped and dumped twice even though they said I could do that if I wanted to be over conservative. 

Speaking of pumping, it seems my milk supply has regulated to what he eats.  I think there may be an issue going on though, now that he sleeps for 6 hrs straight at night.   I used to pump 7-8 oz with two breasts for 15 mins, now it’s more like 5.   The baby had been gaining 2 oz/day and he’s at 70% for weight (yes, you wouldn’t know he was 4 wks early), but I surmise he’s gaining a little slower now.  That would be ok because they say 1 oz/day gain is good.  So, we’ll see.  Again, see how I’m more obsessed about this than this mass that my body is trying to deliver?

The peanut is doing very well.  He’s smiling and giggling now and is trying to talk to me.  He found his voice a few weeks back.  He mainly talks to me and sometimes my DH and my Mom.  He was baptized a few weeks back.  We’ve been getting him out more, here and there.   We went  to an outside shopping mall a few weeks back and ate outside at Appl.ebe.es and DH and I took him to get clam cakes and chowder and eat by the rocks (got some great family photos there!)  Here are a few recent photos of him…

…hanging out with Daddy

…dancing with Mommy to Orange Crush (I prop him up and move his hands and feet to the music)

 …all dressed up and nowhere to go in my tuxedo onesie from Grammy (notice Daisy in the background – she loves him and always participates)